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What is Vital Citizens?

Vitality of citizens in Limburg deserves attention. Overweight and chronic conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and rheumatism are becoming more common. However, a healthy, active lifestyle is difficult for many people to achieve. On the other hand, the tilt in health care requires citizens to take more responsibility for their own health.

A healthy, active lifestyle ensures better individual health, lower healthcare costs and better independent functioning. Vital Citizens chooses a practical approach on two tracks.

  • Helping the citizens to adopt a vital lifestyle.
  • Training professionals to support the citizen in this lifestyle.

Helping citizens to make personal lifestyle choices that promote individual vitality

Objectives Vital Citizens project

  • Properly highlighting tasty, healthy and nutritious food.
  • The development of appealing exercise programs and the enrichment of existing programs, applicable within personalized lifestyle interventions.
  • Improving the lifestyle within citizens their own living environment, for those who want to become more vital or stay vital.
  • Create and support products, services and tools that promote a healthy, active lifestyle for implementation and valorization towards the citizen and the (future) professional.
  • Developing and implementing new bachelor and post-HBO education programs and enriching current education with the findings and results from the Vital Citizens project.

Vital Citizens in a nutshell

Wat betekent vitaliteit voor jou?Help jij ons met het invullen van de enquête?

Vitaliteit heeft voor iedereen net een andere betekenis. Als Vitale (Lim)burgers willen wij nog beter begrijpen wat vitaliteit voor jou persoonlijk betekent. We hebben daarvoor een enquête opgesteld. Het invullen van de vragenlijst duurt ongeveer 10 minuten en de uitkomsten worden anoniem verwerkt. Je helpt ons enorm door de vragenlijst in te vullen. Veel dank alvast!