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Tips: finding the best version of you

It is more fun together

  • A buddy helps you try out new behaviours.
  • Try to mobilise people around you to help you with the Now You tasks. For example, if you want to eat and drink healthier or go for a walk or exercise.
  • Keep a diary to go through the Live! cards more consciously!
  • Use apps or other technology tools to help you monitor your behaviour.
  • Not successful? No worries! Be honest with yourself. Where did you go wrong? Make a plan and pick up where you left off.
  • Too much on your plate? Does not matter. Take small steps. Go through the Live! cards again and don’t set the bar too high. Not doing it right away? Then just start again.
  • Feeling a little low on motivation? Scan the qr-code and get inspired by great examples.


Dagboekje ‘Mijn beweegredenen’