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Projects within Vital Citizens

Vital Citizens has different projects aimed at supporting the individual citizen and projects aimed at training (future) professionals. Below is an overview of the various projects. You can find current developments about the projects on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Minor ‘Project Lifestyle’

You probably felt it as well, a time when you lost balance in your life and/or lifestyle. There are always unwanted things on your path where you have to act on and there are disappointments that need to be processed. Then it’s time to take a critical look at yourself again. That takes courage. During the minor Project Lifestyle, the professionals of tomorrow learn to look critically at themselves. They look at their lifestyle, their exercise, eating and sleeping behavior. All so that they will soon be able to help other citizens in the sustainable adjustment of their lifestyle.

Cooking and nutrition module in Primary Schools

During the cooking and nutrition module, children learn that cooking is a lot of fun and that good food with fresh products from the region is very simple and, above all, incredibly tasty. A pilot of this cooking and nutrition module was successfully completed in the beginning of 2019 and will be continued in March 2020 in the form of an in-depth pilot at VSO Arcadia. After the pilot, a translation will be made to a sustainable program during the “Summer School Kerkrade” and will be included in the annual curriculum of the VSO Arcadia.


Both the cooking & nutrition module and the minor Project Lifestyle are based on the Harmony principles. The Harmony principles have been implemented in (primary) education at the Ashley Primary School by Richard Dunne. Dunne was recently one of the speakers in the Netherlands during the TASTE Summit. Dunne has optimized his harmony vision for the past 15 years and has published a teacher’s guide. The Ashley Primary School received various awards for its approach.

BETER Lifestyle interventions 

Vital Citizens is working on the development of combined lifestyle interventions under the name BETER. BETER programs are combined lifestyle interventions that consist of an exercise (BEweeg), nutrition (eeT) and behavioral (verandER) component. These components are inextricably linked. In the BETER program, participants receive personalized advice to adopt a healthier, more active lifestyle and then continue independently. This is why BETER programs focus on self-management and self-management. View the video for more info.

eHealth platform and BETER-app

We are already working hard on other projects within Vital Citizens. For example, the development of an e-Health platform for the BETER program is already in full swing. Linked to this, the BETER app (see photo) will be launched later in the year to determine your own subtype.